Not much is known about [[|the world]]. Our grandparents only remember the stories that their grandparents told them, whom were told by their grandparents, and so on…

# The history of Antikythera Automata

In the days of yore there were two kinds of magic, Magicka, which was created by the gods and Mechanicka which was created by man. Magicka was an ancient power, doled out by the gods to the few and fortunate, whom quickly became immensely powerful. This created much resentment as they grew wealthy and powerful while others suffered, so to protect themselves and to better control their power they created an organisation called the Arcanum. Then Avtomaton created Mechanicka. Mechanicka was accessible to all, and even the simplest of peasants could use and improve his life with Mechanicka. The Arcanum was mightily displeased by the influence of Mechanicka in the world, not in the least because it seemed to directly influence Magicka. The stronger the influence of Mechanicka was in an area, the weaker Magicka was and this worked both ways. In areas of strong Magicka, Mechanicka worked in strange and unpredicatable ways. The Arcanum used their considerable power and influence to discredit Mechanicka but a foothold was set, and with several like-minded individuals Avtomaton was able to prove the meddling of Arcanum in a lot of accidents and start The Guild an organisation to protect, teach and help fellow Mechanicka users. Then Avtomaton disappeared.

A lot of what happened in the days that followed has been lost in the sands of time, and the events that followed. Suffice to say that both organisations were constantly fighting a covert war, slowly The Guild started increasing their prices, and becoming more aloof to the outside world and the common man they originally fought for. In the end both organisations were as bad as the other, and just as both organisations stood at the brink of all out warfare, Avtomaton reappeared bringing with him a band of strange individuals incorporating both members of The Guild and Arcanum as well as others. They had been travelling and researching and somehow found the long-lost technique of

There was an event called The Reckoning, which made all magic go awry and work in

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